Christina Kapa

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What People Say about my Tarot Readings

Heather Cruz

"My reading was amazing. She touched base with so many personal issues going on and was on point 100%.

Vineeta Joshi

"Christina is a true psychic with a gift that only a few people in this world have. She tells you exactly like it is, no frills.

Kaylea Bowden

"Christina offered me a Twin Flame reading and was absolutely dead on with all aspects of my current situation with my twin flame..

Danielle Lynch

"Christina answered a question for me and picked up details about the situation without telling her anything about it!

Amara Milliken

"Christina did a reading on me and was so accurate without much information to work with! I’m skeptical unless proven otherwise,

Isabel Boscan

"Omg. I can't explain with works how Christina helped me with my doubts and feelings. She guided me though my new encounter

Leonor de Saint-Maurice

"I have received a great reading from Christina today and I am overwhelmed with the info I got. It was most helpful and accurate.

Norma Gonzales

"I had the most straight to the point reading. Everything that i needed answered was answered and she knew exactly what was

Tina Gilbert Burnett

"Christina was awesome she hit everything on the head and gave me some very good advice on what I needed to do to help with situations

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